Our technicians have more than 42 years of combined experience
tuning and repairing skis and snowboards. Ski/Snowboard tuning starting from $35

• Ski and snowboard tuning
• Major and minor repairs
• Binding mounts
• Split-board making


Premium Tune $55

Best choice if there is significant base damage to ski/board and the base is dry and fuzzy.
Usually this ski/board was rode hard and put away dry.

Instructor’s Tune $48

Your choice between base repair or an iron wax, to be added alongside full tune.

The Tune Shop Full Tune $35
(Offered to all walk-ins at the shop)

Full tune includes; Ptex, base grind, edge and base level sharpen and wax.

Binding Mounts $45

All Binding Mounts (downhill, touring and x-country).

$35 Mounts (offered to walk-ins at the shop)

Binding Adjustment - Din and Forward Pressure $15 / Heli-coils for stripped screws $5 each.

Kid’s Skis (up to 140cm)
and Snowblades $25

These little guys are smaller and easier to tune so they have smaller price.

Premium Hot Wax $20

Temperature specific race wax applied by hot iron, scraped, brushed and polished.


• Delaminations $25.00
• Epoxy Work (Top Sheets) $25.00
• Base Patch $50.00
• Punched Edge and Base Patch $75.00
• Side Wall and Base Patch $100.00
• Edge Replacement & Base Patch $100.00

All Repairs include a full tune.

Please note that all the prices listed above are minimum charges
and may increase depending on the extent of the damage. 

Allow a minimum of two days for repair work.


Regardless of make or model, we have the expertise to get
your bike running smoothly and reliably. Bike tuning starting from $55

• Bike tuning
• Major and minor repairs
• Townies, Mountain, Downhill + Road Bikes


• Inspect Drive train, brakes, bearing adjustment, tire condition,
• Minor Wheel True
• Lube & adjust brakes
• Lube & adjust gears
• Inflate tires
• Tighten fasteners: wheels, seat, seat post, crank, pedal, headset, stem
• Friendly smile

Parts and installation are not included in the price of a tune.

If we do not have your part, we will order it.  We have access to all major brands.


Whether it is a one off pair or your team skates that need
regular sharpening, we have you covered! Starting from $6